I'm In the Trap BBN meme TikTok trend.

I'm In the Trap BBN / Butt Booty Naked

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I'm In the Trap Butt Booty Naked, also known as I'm In the Trap BBN in algospeak, is a TikTok trend that uses the hip-hop song "​bbn2" by jahhlu in which the rapper says, "I'm in the trap," and an adlib says, "Don't say it," with "it" being the lyric, "I'm in the trap butt booty naked." A remix of the song became a TikTok sound and AniTok (anime TikTok) meme in early 2023 when video creators made edits with the sound, using different anime characters in sus and horny situations, often flashing Rule 34 art and hentai that wasn't picked up and banned by TikTok's algorithm. The original meme showed the Dragon Ball characters Broly and Gogeta.


On December 4th, 2022, rapper jahhlu posted the song "bbn2 (feat. Maajins)" to Soundcloud, [1] earning roughly 3,100 listens in four months (shown below). The song used multiple Goofy Ahh and Hood Irony sound effects such as AUGHHHH and Bruh Sound Effect #2, among others. At the song's 0:32-minute mark, jahhlu's lyrics are, "I'm in the trap (Don't say it! Bruh) / I'm in the trap butt booty naked (Bruh)."

On February 27th, 2023, the song was uploaded to YouTube[2] by jahhlu's "topic" channel, gaining roughly 1,700 views in two months. Two months later, the song started to go viral on TikTok after a Dragon Ball edit surfaced showing Broly and Gogeta engaging in an explicit act. Currently, the first known upload of the video was posted by TikToker[3] @freakydeakydog on April 19th, 2023, earning roughly 152,600 plays and 13,900 likes in nine days.


Following the video's upload, safe-for-work versions of the trend emerged on the platform, inherently referencing the explicit nature of the original. For instance, on April 22nd, 2023, TikToker[4] @r41ndrps uploaded a clean iteration, gaining roughly 890,400 plays and 107,400 likes in six days (shown below, left). TikTokers began to become self-aware of the sound's meaning going into late April 2023, posting content that played with the inside joke. For instance, on April 25th, 2023, TikToker[5] @fatherbums uploaded a meme using a scene from the show BEEF in which the main character is crying. The video gained roughly 1.4 million plays and 233,800 likes in three days (shown below, right).

@r41ndrps i couldnt find the clip of gogeta and broly if yk what im talking abt #fyp #anitok #edit #peak #dontletthisflop #blowthisup #anime #pleasegoviral #pleasedontflop #dragonball #dbs #gogeta #broly #meme #smash ♬ original sound – r41n

@fatherbums Im in the trap 🗣️🗣️#father_bums #inlilbumswetrust #fypシ #viral #trend #blowthisup #anitok #iminthetrapbbn #gogeta ♬ original sound – r41n

Going into April 2023, multiple TikToks[6][7] surfaced that followed different formats, moving outside of the Dragon Ball fandom and into others like Chainsaw Man and Demon Slayer, among others.

Then Something Just Snapped

The Prince Vegeta or Then Something Just Snapped TikTok trend is a social media trend where TikTokers use the photo slideshow feature to make a post consisting of dozens of identical images with one lewd image hidden throughout the slides, often at the end of the slideshow. One of the most prevalent versions hides uncensored images from the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leak in the show. The trend is set to a speech by Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z and went viral in October 2022, also inspiring ironic bait-and-switch versions as it gained in prominence online.

Ichigo Scream

The Ichigo Scream is a viral video and sound of Bleach character Ichigo Kurosaki's final, hollow form (Vasto Lorde) screaming while appearing red and glowing. The scream video and sound were used in multiple edits to portray power being unleashed starting in 2020. However, the Ichigo Scream became most notable in memes on TikTok in 2021 within anime circles where creators used the dubbed version's scream. The sound was used to portray thirst or being horny for people, characters and concepts, similar to the Then Something Just Snapped trend.

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