Donkey kong and bowser on final destination in smash bros ultimate.

False's DK Combo

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False's DK Combo is an infamous Super Smash Brothers Ultimate clip posted by the player False, real name Corey Shin, in which Donkey Kong hits an impressive combo on Bowser, leading to Bowser losing a stock. However, at the time he posted the clip, False faced multiple allegations of wrongdoing, including assault, emotional abuse and pocketing donated money from a Kickstarter for a Brawl documentary that was never completed. The allegations made the clip feel poorly timed to many viewers, resulting in it being remixed in multiple parodies in 2020.


On July 8th, 2020,[1] former top Super Smash Brothers player False posted an impressive clip of his Donkey Kong hitting a combo on a Bowser to his death. The tweet was later deleted, but has been reposted multiple times online since (example shown below).

At the time of posting, False was mired in multiple allegations of wrongdoing. In 2016, he released a trailer for work on a documentary on the Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Smash 4 competitive scene, along with a Kickstarter to fund the project.[2] The project received $9,290 at the time of its last update in August 2019.

In June 2019, False was accused of assaulting a houseguest. On July 2nd, 2020, amidst the 2020 Smash Community Sexual Misconduct Allegations, a burner Twitter account called @ER120R posted a Twitlonger[3] that insinuated that False's organization, team ZENMA, disbanded after the assault allegation, and the disbandment effectively killed the Brawl documentary. The Twitlonger also implied that False and his ex-girlfriend, littleteafox, had pocketed the money from the Kickstarter.

Littleteafox responded in a Twitlonger of her own[4] denying any involvement with the Kickstarter funds and further accused False of allegedly being emotionally abusive, filming them having a sexual encounter without her consent and being financially dependent on her.

Given that False posted his DK combo less than a week after the allegations regarding the documentary funds and emotional abuse, many felt it was a poor time for him to post a flashy combo.


In the days following False posting his combo on July 8th, 2020, Twitter users began parodying it in a multitude of ways. At first, some posted similar-looking combos in other Smash games. For example, on July 11th, 2020, user @PracticalTAS posted it performed in Super Smash Brothers Melee, gaining over 830 retweets and 7,000 likes in roughly two years (shown below, top). The same day, user @jiwasHere posted a similar-looking combo performed in Brawl, gaining over 1,000 retweets and 8,700 likes in a similar timeframe.

The parodies quickly began growing more creative, and the combo became a meme similar to Loss, as people began creating minimalist and non-Smash related edits of the combo. For example, on July 12th, 2020, Twitter user @Dusty_Carpet posted a minimalist edit of the combo made in MS Paint, gaining over 1,300 retweets and 6,900 likes in roughly two years (shown below, top). On July 13th, user @iPokelam posted a video referencing the combo made in Minecraft, gaining over 1,500 retweets and 7,000 likes in a similar timeframe (shown below, bottom).

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