Japanizing Beam!

Japanizing Beam!

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Japanizing Beam! is a 3 panel image series that aims to poke fun at how Japanese media takes liberties in depicting characters or objects primarily as female anime characters. In the series, a character or object is shown in the top frame, the character Ultraman Tiga from the Ultra series shooting a laser beam with the caption "Japanizing Beam!" is shown in the middle frame, and the Japanese iteration of said character or object is shown in the bottom frame. It grew mainly popular in the KnowYourMeme community before appearing on other sites.


The meme bears similarity to the #UpgradeChallenge, another 3-panel series in which an object is changed in the middle panel.

#1 BadBoy @StaffaD Follow 傘傘傘傘傘傘傘leyi yi extreme makeover "@UNcubeOthungavo did i #upgrade or nah? " 소속 숍 습쇼쇼 RETWEETS LIKES 5:04 PM-6 Dec 2015 beey @beeyroyce Follow the glo up asa #upgrade #gloupchallenge LIKES 6 9:41 AM- 6 Dec 2015 Metro Boomin' VuyoR Follow Thank goodness for time and growth #Upgrade LIKES 91 7:07 AM-6 Dec 2015


The first Japanizing Beam joke was posted to Twitter on January 31st, 2017 by @IsMaGuzHer.[1] The image, shown below, shows a "Japanizing" of Aztec god Quetzalcoatl into the character Lucoa from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.

Rayo Japoniador Encantada. C on Lucoa bastara


On February 22nd, KnowYourMeme user Adept Samuel[2] uploaded an edit of the image using the character Ultraman shooting a "Japanizing Beam!" to the site (shown below).

7/ Japanizihg Beam! Nice to meet you. Lucoa is fine. Quetzalcoat ケソアルコアドル

This was the first of dozens of uploads KnowYourMeme users would add to the site in the following two weeks. Soon, variations using other nationalities appeared, such as "Americanizing Beam" and "Indianizing Beam." The surge of Japanizing Beam edits on KnowYourMeme soon made its way to other meme sites, such as Memecenter.[3] On February 27th, a few examples were posted to Facebook page Tohsaka's Cave Explorers.[6] On March 1st, 2017, a gallery of the memes was posted to Indonesian site Keepo.me[5] and gained over 4,000 views. On March 5th, Redditor aRandomDudeOntheNet[4] posted a variation to /r/MemeEconomy, though it did not gain much traction.

Various Examples

Japanizing Beam Railgun - a 21st-century weapon In the cpinion of the 15 military, electrcmagnetic weapors have the potential to replace conventional artillery in the near future s the spood of ound Railgun deviee Interaction of magnetie fields The principle behind Lorentz force puke Magnetic he dB Current Magretcficid of the atmuture Curent hrough the an matuae Fote Postrvely cherged rail Candietivaik Charg The ra lgun uses electromegnetic horce lLorertz force) to propelan electrically conductive projectile thet is initally partof s chain. Cunent fiowing through the rails gensates mこgnetic fid': in the rak and armature. As a esut urde, te action 5ffaree l ' the annature is pushed Dut of the mo grete field of the sails and the project 1편 at el-tes MANOVOSTI 2010 Japanizihg Beam NINTENDO GAMECUBE Nintendo TM AIPRDE Original 이용가 ■ 1~4 인용 ■액션레이싱 사용 블록 수 :4 F----- G P----- 0 ADULTS ONLY 18 O) Nintendo INDIANIZING BEAM Japanizing Beam! Japanizing Beam!

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Has potential, but needs a ton of work. That being said, Japan's "turn things into anime girls" trend is pretty damn big. When they're making moe girl shows about WW2 fighter pilots, zoo animals, Lovecraftian horrors and assault rifles, clearly something crazy is going on over there.


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