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Tag Yourself and Tag Your Friends refer to fandom surveys in which participants are presented with a lineup of celebrities or fictional characters and prompted to identify which are the most relatable to themselves or their peers. Recognizable by the poorly drawn avatars of the characters and ill-phrased descriptions of their traits in Comic Sans, the illustrative surveys went viral on the popular microblogging platform Tumblr in late January 2016.


The earliest known variation was posted by Tumblr user Goblinlord[2] on January 24th, 2016. The survey post, which featured MS Paint-style illustrations of six bird-like original characters with the caption challenging its viewers to "reblog and tag which bird you are," garnered more than 101,000 notes within the first 72 hours.

Jimmie big falls asleep on the couch watchina tv Rachel -nihilistic -cannot face the reality of Paul -eats cereal and milk seperately -cannot do math Wanda -killed a man once uses the inter-loves memes net a lot Mark has a fear of being alone Henry -always is creaming -always eat -lots of eat hates new age indie memes Dark Jimmie bathes in the blood of the innocent lactose intolerant still spend money Helen -speds a lot of money is very poor Joshua smells weird but is still a good and caring friend

Precursor: 4chan "Choose Wisely" Threads

On the online image board 4chan, a popular forum game is creating lists of options which only allow one of these to be chosen. Popular themes in these lists include the viewer finding themselves in a dangerous situation and having limited options of help, or coming accross magical items which grant special abilities or cause lifechanging events.

Dou get be a babass knight, son! tma to lhichin' pou want? Pimpknight +3d6 hoes +Hoes bring in treasure paladin fireknight 邓lack night +You's honorable n s--- + You can shoot fire + You got healing + You hardcore + No one f--- wit you +Paladins yo bitch +You get all the p---- outta yo face properly drenched + Run like a muthafucka + Wet t-shirt contests Every princess you + Always got dranks + Smart like a science+ Can wear 10x mo powers, n---- + Bitches be all over yo Strong enough to lift yo +Get in all da clubs fat-ass momma's t--- +12 inch d--- charismatic d--- + Anybody f--- wit you, bitch but ain't a bitch magic rings +You a badass n----- - You a dumbass n----- +Easy to blaze, f--- wit GOD +Can strangle fools F---, you the niggest You just a n---- with a It ain't easy + Max swag armor + Your sword is like, F---, you crazy Fuch so Calm down magic or whateva -Punk ass black knights - Can't f--- no hoes Twin刍wordsman OolbenKnight 001bite night +Bitches love a n---- wit Losin fights all the time +S--- son, you be stylin The f--- is this + Two swords, son + TWO F------ wit dat axe Man why you gotta be Steppin into other n----- bidness F--- son, you be da SWORDS + N----- know you got + Swingin dat heavy axe + Shank two n----- at stereotype, n---- + Blind a n---- wit yo golden sword make you swole + Bitches love musclesNot cool man + Chop down trees, + Shank one n---- twice +Shields are for p------ +Whole top diamond + Bitches be all over yo Bitches always be You whipped, n---- -Bland as f--- armor, doors, and n----- get some style n---- + Long reach wu-tang sword style Shields ain't actually for expectin you to pay fo s--- +Invisible in snowstorm -N----- be makin axe puns and axin if dey can AXE you a question You know she aint gonna ride yo d--- fo right T -Get it, axe you a TOWERDIRLS WHICH PRINCESS WOULD YOU RESCUE? POWER DOWRY


The illustrations usually consist of poorly drawn character art with mislabeled names and heavily opinionated descriptions of their characteristics. On January 24th, numerous variations began circulating on Tumblr, many of which garnered tens of thousands of notes in the following 24 hours. Some of the early variations to pass the milestone of 30,000 notes include:

  • Suraito[1] – 32,000+ notes
  • Goblinlord[2] – 86,000+ notes
  • Dajo42[3] – 43,000+ notes
  • Cyberjail[4] – 44,000+ notes
  • Ghost-pkmn[5] – 36,000+ notes
  • Eridan[6] – 39,000+ notes
  • Kastraz[7] – 49,000+ notes
  • Sincerelydeerly[8] – 33,000 notes
  • Sord[9] – 40,000+ notes
  • Valhalls[10] – 41,000+ notes
  • iwstw[11] – 39,000+ notes

The following day, the @tagyourselfmeme[16] Instagram feed was launched, highlighting notable examples from the series. Over the next 10 months, the feed garnered upwards of 33,800 followers. Also on January 25th, Twitter user @gentleskies[18] tweeted a Pepe the Frog-themed variation of the survey (shown below).

common pepe - prefers his oatmeal cold - uses windows xp - cries himself to sleep every night smol pepe - is short - liked by everybody - thinks of torture and murder 90% of the time fast paps - is fast has no friends -wishes for death every day tubbs pepe angry pepe eats everybody's food - is supportive s money to poor countries - people either hate hinm or love him - thinks it's ok to steal from children -gets angry when someone are homophobic/transphobic YOUR DEATH WILL

On January 27th, The Daily Dot[15] published an article titled "The 'tag yourself' meme lets you choose your own destiny." On February 9th, Smosh[17] published a listicle highlighting various examples of the meme. On May 9th, 2016, Instagram[14] user _memethief posted a Dat Boi-themed version of the meme. On November 4th, the news site Mic[19] published an article referring to Tag Yourself as "the best meme of 2016."

Dat boi -inhales memes -cusses under breath will f--- yo s--- -actually pure Boi -achieved nirvana ust wants whats best forgets to ask for help peace It's him 0 s--- waddup -chaotic evil -hates confrontation -doesnt wanna be here eats shoestring potato -internal screaming chips tfw u dat boi It's that boy. xX D4T 801 Xx s--- -distances self from others actually insecure -wants to have a good time enjoys colorful things but everything is ok -help him anxiety anxiety anxi -doesnt get taken seriously -a friend, comrade, rival -no -accepts that life is a joke drives you to mcdonalds -actually very philosophica at 2anm -take my hand -s--- s--- pretends not to

Various Examples

Additional numerous examples can also be found on Tumblr through the tags "tag yourself"[12] and "tag yourself meme."[13]

cheese buns dominic fahrenheit -dances (badly) when nobody is-smells like mint watching -is always one meme behind -loves coleslaw has five pet turtles -is twelve pierogis strategically placed in a circle -can speak three languages, two of which are made-up -listens to solely k-pop songs -argues on the correct pronunciation of gif doctor medic beans Snowie -is always cold even though they have like three coats on -taught themselves morse code to cheat on tests -likes to watch paint dry -shoves grapes on their nose and thinks they're funny -is an owl with a trenchcoat that is .way too big for their body knows the name of all of santa's reindeers -eats too many potatoes known as the nerd memelord -loves stargazing JANET pretends to be asleep to avoid responsibility cheats on tests misses breakfast a lot YOGURT cares a lot about what others think shakes under pressure scream likes soft things ASSHIKE thinks theyre cool bc they dye their hair flips people off just because they can likes space is actually very sweet but wont admit it s internally 120% of the time CLAUDE MOTHER dislikes conflict, will resolve conflict nice evebroWS read a lot gives good advice but does not follow it themselves has some sort of hidden secret thinks theyre not cool is probably at least 14% cooler than they think likes anime and old movies -dresses up for no reason at all poses in the mirror ROADKILL is probably dead? stinks a lot moves when people least expect it surprise theyre alive always tired Spot Aquamarine Heart Dude -loves everyone -but is strictly a sapiosexual Hellspawn -doesnt have spots -is loved by everyone -no self confidence due to lack of spots -can breathe underwater -best friend is a dolphin -good luck on land -is constantly on fire viewed as a demon -actually very kind and caring The Invisible Dog Goldie Swamp Inverted Pup -pees in the pool -has no friends is not visible to mortals -smells bad -everytime someone hears "swamp" they make a f------ shrek joke and thats not. Appreciated? shrek is ancient and the meme will die off so stop bringing it up and let this pup live in Peace ade of solid gold -unable to move due to being solid gold -but is very handsome and charming -m -cool pyschic powers -can stop time and other OP s--- -can probably do a few cool rollerskating tricks Poe -one helluva pilot lonely wants to fight evervone -stick lesbian Finn -stressed easily -can't stop crying actually really nice if eats leftover you get to know him Kylo -hates dad -in need of constant validation won't stop listening to mcr pizza cold gay Han makes up excuses for why things aren't done -tries to be slick but fails -a f------ sub Leia -can kick ur ass wants the best for everyone -too pure Hux wants to murder on a daily basis -too damn tidy -prefers oatmeal bland Phasma -lawful evil -can sometimes be nice -cape lesbian toledo crabstick -wants to live on a bus -plays the drums -does cocaine daily -hates grass -eat forks -could be a spy ironically hates lobster -visits the dentist at least 3 times a week -is vegan guacamole Colorado -cries on people when angry-always agitated -owns a bunny -too many colors can vibrate through walls -weird obsession -is essentially a trashcan with dear in one ear opening ovens -watches all wichita excalibur -smells like rain -tasted a star once -yearns co barnaby -kisses Tlowers -loves nightcore -only knows how to cook french toast mpanionship-sleeps 2 hrs a week is not secretly 1000 bees but fears intimacy-prob eats bugs hot dog fun at parties holiday -wearing pants to buckarod -inhales trash -refuses to occur on loves licking stamps boost self-confidence this plane of existence -awaits to be freed -hopes to learn how -worried it's not from the shackles of this mortal coil working oh god itS NO T to love one day

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