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Steven Universe

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Steven Universe is an American animated children’s show broadcasted on Cartoon Network. It was created by Rebecca Sugar, Cartoon Network’s first female director. The story centers around the Crystal Gems and their various adventures, while Steven gradually learns how to use his gem power so he can play his part in protecting the world alongside his friends properly[8].


Main Characters

Steven Universe

Steven is the show’s protagonist. He is a cheerful, optimistic young boy with a red gem on his bellybutton that he inherited from his mother, the late Rose Quartz. As a result, he also has Gem powers, but he’s yet to discover his full potential. Steven lives with the Crystal Gems in Beach City.

Greg Universe

Steven’s father. He owns a car wash in Beach City and is always nearby to help Steven with various emotional/magical crises.


The leader of the Crystal Gems. She has two garnets embedded in her palms, and has the ability to summon a pair of gauntlets to fight. Garnet is laconic, saying little. When she does talk, she’s usually defending Steven.


A laid-back girl with a purple gem in her chest. She has the ability to summon a whip and to combine with Pearl to form Opal, a huge, powerful Gem. Amethyst shapeshifts more than any of the other Gems, mostly for the sake of pranks and joking with Steven.


Team mom and perfectionist. She has the ability to summon a spear from the pearl in her forehead. While she can merge with Amethyst to become Opal, she doesn’t do it very often due to their personalities clashing. Pearl is the Gem that acts as a strict, motherly figure for Steven.


Before Rebecca Sugar became the director of Steven Universe, she was a storyboard artist of the popular animated TV show Adventure Time. The show is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and premiered in North America on November 4, 2013[9].


While the show only received a 3/5 from Common Sense Media[5], a website dedicated to helping parents know if a cartoon is safe for their children to watch, Steven Universe is very well received everywhere else. Steven Universe gets an average score of 7.5 out of 10 from 2,016 users at IMDB[6] and a solid 8.0 from[7].

Online Relevance

The rising popularity of the show caught the attention of the creators of Equestria Daily, a famous fan-news site for the animated TV show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. They have announced on March 13, 2015 that a fan-news site for Steven Universe made by them will be launching soon[10]. The news have brought about mixed reactions from the different fandoms involved, thus prompting Equestria Daily writer Calpain to cancel making the Steven Universe fan-site.


Steven Universe has a small, but noticeable online following that is steadily growing. Deviant Art now has over 20,867 results tagged with the show’s title[1]. has over 581 works beneath the Steven Universe category[2]. The Steven Universe Reddit has over 1800 readers[3]. Steven Universe has a very active tag on Tumblr[4], sporting multiple blogs that have dedicated themselves to deviations of the show such as gifs and fan art. A Steven Universe Wiki exists and it currently has 675 pages in it[11]. The wiki is under heavy development and currently has a built-in timer that countdowns until the next episode airs.



Peridot is a major antagonist in Steven Universe. Due to her triangular head, green color scheme and body that reminds people of Microsoft’s video game console Xbox, fan-art of Peridot being a hardcore Xbox-playing Dorito have spawned and become frequent once she made her appearance in the show.


Gemsonas is a term used to refer to the OCs (Original Characters) of the Steven Universe Fandom, although the term Gemsona has become popular in the fandom and has thus given Steven Universe OCs more depth and exclusivity. Gemsonas, much like the Gems in the show, are non-binary (neither male nor female, regardless of how much they appear to be one gender or the other,) represents a certain mineral, and carries their own unique weapon. A blog dedicated to Gemsonas exists and is currently active[12].

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