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Sr Pelo / 123pendejos

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David Axel Cazares Casanova, also known by his online handle Sr Pelo or 123pendejos, is a Mexican animator on YouTube. He is known for his animated parodies of video games such as Team Fortress 2 and Super Mario. He is also known for Mokey's Show and usage of ear rape in his videos. He currently has more than 76,900 subscribers and 16 million views.

Online History

Early Animations

His first video titled Troll dance was an animation of rage comic memes. It was uploaded on August 9, 2011 and gained over 690,000 views and 6,300 likes (video in the external references, due to disabled embeds).[1] His other early animations were based on video games, especially the multiplayer FPS game Team Fortress 2.

TF2 in a Shellnut

His first animated series, TF2 in a Shellnut, is a parody of the characters and updates of Team Fortress 2. The series started with the video Demoman in Shellnut on February 12, 2012, and ended with Medic in Shellnut on November 1, 2013,[2] featuring various Garry's Mod animators. A compilation of the series was uploaded on August 10, 2014 with more than 600,000 views and 9,000 likes. He said that he will not be making anymore shellnut videos because he grew tired of it and was rushed by the community to make more videos for the series.[3]

Mokey's Show

Mokey's Show is a parody based on Mickey Mouse and other related Disney characters, as well as his 2nd show. Similar to Dolan, the characters' names are misspelled and poorly drawn. It features Mokey and friends celebrating an occasion such as April Fool's Day or Christmas in an extremely violent and exaggerative way, or spoofing a popular series like Star Wars. Mokey's Show is known for its excessive use of ear rape and spoken sound effects, such as saying "BOOM" or "POOSH" in an explosion. The first video of the series, Wellcom to Disnehy, was uploaded on September 19, 2012. The most popular and perhaps the most controversial video of the series is the parody the September 11th, 2001 attacks, which has over 300,000 views and 7,900 likes. Mokey was also made available as a character mod on Steam Workshop for the real-time strategy survival game Don't Starve, [4] and a voice mod for Sonic Generations.[5] He said on his tumblr that Mokey started out as a silly idea, like most of his animations.[6]

X is…

X is… is his third series of animations featuring famous celebrities, e-celebrities or historical figures as another person or being. The next person who will be featured is usually determined by the comments. Unlike most of his animations, this does not contain any ear rape & voice acting, and the faces are actual pictures rather than drawn. The first video, Socrates is…, was uploaded on August 22, 2015. The most popular in the series is Gaben Newell is… , which features Valve co-founder Gabe Newell as a McDonalds employee. It has garnered over 398,000 views and 7,600 likes.

Super WAA HOO Bros.

The Super WAA HOO Bros. series is a parody of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. Its style is similar to Mokey's Show, such as its excessive use of ear rape, spoken sound effects, and poorly drawn characters. It is also known for its a capella background music. The first video of the series was uploaded on December 1, 2012. The latest one in the series, Super WAA HOO World, gained 370,000 views and 7,000 likes.

Latin Channel

Besides the videos on his main channel, he also has a channel and a Facebook page[7] for his Latin American content. The channel currently has over 4,800 subscribers and 268,000 views.[8] His most popular videos in the channel are Cuentos Dihnei, which explains his personal stories with cartoons, and Negro Nachonte, a series of comical shorts. He stated on his Tumblr that he will add subtitles or even make an English version of videos similar to Cuentos Dinhei and Nachonte.[9]


Because of his fan art and animations, he has become very well known in fandoms, such as the Splatoon and Undertale communities. He frequently posts artworks on his Facebook page.[10] DeviantArt, [11] and Tumblr. [12] He also does commissions and answers fan questions on his Tumblr.[12]

Personal Life

Although his face isn't shown much online, he is not very private about it and says he has shown himself before.[13] He also stated that he doesn't like to talk about his personal life. His current job is his YouTube animations, because he prefers being his own boss and having fun doing what he loves as his job.[14]

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