Differenze Linguistiche

Differenze Linguistiche

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Differenze Linguistiche (English: Linguistic Differences) is a series of vertical rage comics illustrating various stereotypes or misperceptions associated with Western languages and their phonetic systems. The comics are usually centered around a single word or a phrase that is phonetically translated into multiple languages.


The meme originated with the Italian Facebook group Differenze Linguistiche[1] created on February 27th, 2012. The first image example (shown right below) presented different ways to say "I love you" in Italian, English, French, Spanish and with emphasis on the rather harsh-sounding German translation "Ich Liebe Dich."

DIFFERENZE LINGUISTICHE Differenze linquisticheLike Entertainer Micke Computer Ti amo English NazionalitaJ French! / Mosquito 」 Mosquito 5/ Computer I love you Nationality Wall Share: Post匡Photo Write something... Differenze linguistiche Everyone (Most Recent) Je t'aime Link Video Te quiero ICH LIEBE DICH!!! Differenze linguistiche added a new photo. computer Computer Computer " Wall Info Friend Activity Photos ORDINATEUR About Ci sono alcune differenze fra 'italiano e le altre lingue.. alcune esilar... More 匡Like . Comment . Share , March 14 at 3:39pm . 16,079 like this 1220 people like this. View all 39 comments 214 shares 5,336 talking about this Write a comment...    DIFFERENZE LINGUISTICHE Ti amo 器0 d , I love you Je t'aime Te quiero ICH LIEBE DICH!!!


Humorous illustration of linguistic differences has been noted prior to the rage comic series. The most notable prototype of the series (shown left), which highlights the Spanish word for banana ("plátano") with a look of disapproval" emoticon, was created sometime in 2010 and posted via Reddit[2] on October 27th, 2010. A similar image for the word pineapple (shown right) also followed after.

English Banana French Banane Germarn Bananen Portuguese Banana Japanese |バナナ(Banana) Russian 6aHaH (Banan) Korean | 바나나 (Banana) Greek |μπαvava(Banana) Swedish Banan Finnish Banaani | Spanish | Plátano    Arabic ananas) (ananas) ulb ulb uu ananas ananas Dutch 0,01 English lpine apple Esperanto Finnish French German Georgian Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Italian Latin Macedonian aHaHac (ánanas) ananaso ananas ananas Ananas a (ananasi) avaváç (ananás) O2x (ananás) 洗.ile,il41. (硅natas) ananász ananas ananas ananas Norwegianananas Persian Polish Portuguese (eu) ananás Romanian Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish nanas Ananas aHaHac (ananás) ananas ananas GraphJam.com


Throughout March of 2012, the rage comic series was picked up by internet humor blogs and communities across multiple language regions, spawning derivative images on a number of Spanish, Italian and English-language websites, including Memebase[3], FunnyJunk[5] and 9gag[4] among others. As the meme continued to spread, the Facebook page saw significant growth in subscription and even led to a copycat Facebook page[8] with the same name. In less than a month since its launch, the official Facebook page has accumulated 16,000 likes.

Notable Examples

The comics adhere to a standard three-column format: the first column has flags representing the language, the second column has a rage face describing the perceived "emotion" of the phrase in that language, and the third column has the translation of the phrase in the respective language. The majority of the examples make fun of German and its rough-sounding words, in comparison to softer-sounding Romance languages.

DIFFERENZE LINGUISTICHE LbComputer Computer Computer UJ Computador ORDINATEUR Differenze linguistiche (A/ Cinema / Cine Cinéma 6 Cinema (6g/ Biograf Cinema 소스 ELOKUVATEATTERI joyreactor.ru DIFFERENZE LINGUISTICHE Mücke Moustique Mosquito Zanzara

Cultural Differences

In early July of 2017, an iteration of the meme in which two countries' cultural differences were compared against each other began growing popular on /r/dankmemes. On July 2nd, Redditor AceCheeze[11] posted the first version comparing England the United States, with the punchline being that what the UK calls "playground" the US calls "The Middle East." The post gained over 4,800 points (shown below).

UK and US Language Differenes Chips Fries Aeroplane Airplane Underground Subway Playground Middle East

This was the first of dozens of posts that would appear on the subreddit in the coming two days using a similar format to compare between two countries. The first few compared America and the United Kingdom, though different comparisons soon followed. The most popular, comparing the United States and Canada, gained over 14,000 points (shown below, left).

Canada and US Language Differences Colour Bunnyhug Pop A good healthcare Color Hoodie Soda system UK and US Language Differene Fries Chips Airplane Aeroplane Underground School Subway Buzzfeed vs r/dankmemes language difference Buzz FeeD Dank memes Symbol of white supremacist Stefán Karl Stefánsson Normie memes Pepe the frog God whomst'd've is Number One Straight mods

Guttural Languages

In popular culture, certain languages like German have been characterized as "guttural" languages, especially by English speakers or the speakers of Romance languages (such as Italian and Spanish). The speakers of these languages are mostly unfamiliar with sounds that are pronounced from the back of the throat, which are prevalent in German. Although English is a Germanic language as well, its lexicon has been heavily influenced by French (thanks to the Norman conquest of England in the Middle Ages), and thus it has many words and sounds in common with the Romance languages.

Proto-lndo-European INDO-IRANIAN HELLENIC CELTIC ITALIC BALTO-SLAMC GERMANIC Polish Russian Indic Greek North Germanic Latn Serbo-Croatian anian Manx Irish Welsh Sootish Old Norse Swedish Avestan Old Persian French /Spanish Poruguese Italian Norwegian Icelandic Middle Persian West Germanic Sanskrit Rumanian Catalan Farsi Kurdish BengaliUrdu Gujarai / Anglo-Frisian Old High German Old Dutch Hindi Old English Old Frisian Middle Dutch Middle High German Middle English Frisian Flemish Dutch Afrikaans German Yddish Modern English Prepared by Jack Lynch, jlyndhndromeda. rtgers.ea

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