A Skibidi Toilet, Patrick Bateman as a "sigma" and a Pomni cosplayer.

What's The 'Skibidi Sigma Pomni Digital Fortnite' Meme? The Copypasta And Slang Overload Explained

A new slang overload meme called "Skibidi Sigma Pomni Digital Fortnite" has become a copypasta and gone viral on TikTok in recent weeks.

The AI-sounding voice reciting the Zoomer and Gen Alpha slang is garnering interest online, leading many to wonder where it came from and what each slang term means. Let's explain.

Where Did The 'Skibidi Sigma Pomni Digital Fortnite' Meme Come From?

The original video was posted by a TikToker named @elangelsg_ in January. It used photos from Shannon Sharpe's fit checks and combined a slew of trendy buzzwords.

@elangelsg_ MI HIJO PRESENTE PROFE #polemica #salseo #bolivia #latinoamerica #latam #humor #comedia #XD #memes #serie #Pelicula #juego #videojuego #famosos #streamers ♬ sonido original – AngelSG

What's The 'Skibidi Sigma Pomni Digital Fortnite' Copypasta?

The full copypasta reads:

Skibidi Sigma pomni digital fornite chamba free gigachad rizz omg floo xxx tentacion hotmail Lionel Ronaldo junior mewing 3 chiki ibai Xocas ete sech toy Golden puppet Ohio Rubén tuesta YTpro insano globo de texto 51 decadencia 777.

What Does Each Slang Term Mean?

There are many slang words, references and namedrops present in the "Skibidi Sigma Pomni" copypasta. Let's explain some of the most notable ones:

  • Sigma – "Sigma" references the term "sigma males" who are a step past "alpha males" because they embody a silent and rebellious nature that emits subtle yet powerful influence. Sigma has become a buzzword via Sigma Grindset memes and many other trends.
  • Mewing – "Mewing" is the quintessential Looksmaxxing term that involves pressing one's tongue to the roof of their mouth for extended periods of time in order to strengthen one's jawline. "Mewing" has become a notable buzzword recently, via trends like the Mewing Shh.

What Are Some 'Skibidi Sigma Pomni Digital Fortnite' Meme Examples?

Most of the memes using the "Skibidi Sigma Pomni Digital Fortnite" sound show animals like dogs and cats uncannily lip dubbing the words.

The talking animals fall under the umbrella of Revive App Singing Animals that started with the So Wake Me Up Dog and led to the Monday Left Me Broken Cat.

@dawgalawgnews Wild #fyp #meme #shlawg ♬ original sound – Dawgalawg news

@prl.xr Skibidi Sigma 🗣️🔥#🔥 #🗣️ #dog #sigma #fypシ ♬ sonido original – AngelSG

For the full history of Skibidi Sigma Pomni Digital Fortnite, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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