Chad Warden / Chadwardenn

Chad Warden / Chadwardenn

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Chad Warden, also known as Chadwardenn, is one of YouTube's most infamous trolls. In Chad's videos, he made a number of statements to portray the opinion that the Playstation 3 is better than the Wii and the Xbox 360; giving erroneous reasons as to why this is.

Although the majority of people initially took his statements and face value, causing people to react with anger, Chad did not stand behind what he was saying. To a seasoned viewer, Chad was trolling.

He is particularly famous in YTMND and YouTube Poop communities, generating numerous amounts of memetic responses to his popular video (now gone due to him closing his account, though several mirrors of his video can still be found on YouTube).

The memorable quotes and terminology in his video such as, PS Triple[1] and ABAP[2] have also been used for image macro purposes.


On March 13th, 2007, a Filipino college student by the name of Chad Warden, under the user name chadwardenn, uploaded a video blog (AKA vlog) onto YouTube stating absurd reasons as to why the Playstation 3 was a better video game console compared to the Xbox 360 and the Wii consoles (see top video and second part below this paragraph).[14]

Typically there is nothing special about a fanboy uploading his biased views of one console over another. What gathered so many views was the character that Chad portrayed; that of a self-contradictory fanboy who is severely misinformed.

The Real Chad Warden

The video below proves that Chad was just playing a character.


On May 5th, 2008, Chad Warden closed his account for unknown reasons. What followed thereafter were numerous parodies and spoofs of Chad Warden's video and numerous amounts of image macros.

Our Lord Chadwarden Saviour of the

YouTube Poop (Researching!!)

Chadwardenn had been given his own Chewiki article[3] on November 8th, 2007, by a user who calls himself Conradslater[4].


The first Chadwardenn YTMND site ever created was a site entitled "Sub bitchez da ps triple be ballin' yo"[5] created by gravijacrux[6] on March 26th, 2007.

Two YTMND users, Lcadwallader[7] and Dunsparce[8], started creating their own Chadwardenn sites afterward and many more followed. They also popularized the nicknaming of Chad Warden to "Chawa".

Here are a few other notable Chadwardenn YTMNDs:

  • Chad Wardenn guides you through the PSTriple Temple[8]
  • What did Chawa say?[9]
  • Chad Wardenn tells his office buddies about his idea for a Wii game but they don't like it and Chad gets upset[10]
  • chad warden trys out for tha ps triple commecrial then i played 2 sound files from my desktop at the end[11]
  • ABAP[12]

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