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Veganism refers to a lifestyle that abstains from eating or using anything made by or of animals. Unlike vegetarians, vegans won't, for instance, consume dairy, wear leather, or even own pets, depending on the degree of radicalization. The reasons invoked by people who chose a vegan lifestyle are various – religious beliefs, search for a healthier diet, reduction of one's environmental impact, etc -, but the main reason that's been argued about online centers around the ethical implications of killing animals, or otherwise exploiting them. Veganism, both in its justifications and its practice, has been a very contentious subject of debate on social media.


Although veganism itself has been documented since several centuries ago, the term "Vegan" was only coined in 1944[1]. Some internationaly famous and influent vegan organizations are the Vegan Society and the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA); the movement has also been promoted by many celebrities, independantly or alongside such organizations.
The Internet, especially since the implementation of social media websites, has been another major tool for vegan activists to advocate for animal rights, leading to many inflamatory debates and controversial communication campaigns. Among all kinds of political activists, vegans especially have gained a reputation of obnoxiousness and haughtiness, leading to several jokes made at their expense; for instance, it's common to post "Spotted The Vegan" or "Found The Vegan" whenever an animal activist intervenes in a thread to guilt-trip the other users.

the 12 year olds on this website get really mad if you point out the fact that they're 12 r u serious NOT EVERY 12 OLD GETS REALLY ANGRY jesues sometimes people are just so dumb ughh this is almost as fun as playing spot the vegan. Spot the vegan? Yeah the vegan is the one who isn't killing or harming animals just because "They taste good." Found the vegan.

Relevant Online Personalities

The Blonde Vegan

Jordan Younger, aka The Blonde Vegan (later, The Balanced Blonde), is a blogger who started her online presence in 2013 by posting about her vegan lifestyle. A year after her debut, she publicly renounced vegetarianism for health-related reasons, leading to backlash from the vegan community.

Nasim Aghdam

Nasim Aghdam was an Iranian vegan activist, mostly known for her YouTube channels talking about animal rights. She died in 2018, commiting suicide after she started a shooting in the YouTube headquarters, as a payback for the demonetization of her videos.

Nikocado Avocado

Nicholas Perry, aka Nikocado Avocado, is an American Youtuber, most famous for his controversial binge-eating videos. Before them, he used to post vegan-related content on his channel, but as of 2017, he renounced this lifestyle and deleted all of his videos promoting it, arguing his dislike of the online vegan community.

That Vegan Teacher

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, aka That Vegan Teacher, is a Canadian animal activist, known for her controversial TikTok videos promoting veganism. Due to those controversies, she ended up being banned from the platform in 2021.

Yes, We Exist

Yes, We Exist is a snowclone joke which grew popular on Twitter in late February of 2018, in which a person states a facet of their identity, then says they do something which completely contradicts that identity, and ends the tweet with "We exist." In the original tweet, Twitter user @KelseyFionaBich posted a satirical tweet which read "yes i'm vegan. yes i eat meat. we exist."

"lincoln @chainlinc1 Follow ) ﹀ yes i'm a virgin. yes i have sex. we exist 1:58 AM-28 Feb 2018 "

Eat Your Vegetables Remix

The "Eat Your Vegetables" Remix refers to a viral TikTok video by That Vegan Teacher yelling "eat your vegetables" mixed with $uicideboy$ 2020 song "…And to Those I Love, Thanks for Sticking Around".


Thugs / Hood Vegans / Lightskin Cheerleader

Thugs / Hood Vegans / Lightskin Cheerleader refers to a series of TikTok videos from TikToker @bamajuice2real in which he portrays three characters, a "thug," a "hood vegan" and a "lightskin cheerleader", predominantly using the phrasal template "How Thugs Eat X / How Hood Vegans Eat X / Lightskin Cheerleader." bamajuice2real started posting the videos in 2023, leading to a series of fan-made parodies in which creators played the same characters, inserting them into different scenarios.

@bamajuice2real What’s your favorite color #foryou #trending #bread #fypシ #dance #share #EatFreshRefresh ♬ Bread remix – RaeezGamildien🫧

PETA Shock Campaigns

PETA is one of the most known vegan groups, as well as one of the most criticized, even among the vegan community as a whole. Their members have made a specialty of organizing communication campaigns based on shock value, most of which have been widely seen as tone-deaf by the Internet community. The most viral of these online campaigns include:

PETA has also been criticized for misogynist content in their campaigns, as well as controversial and debatable arguments in favor of a vegan diet, linking animal-based food consuption, for example, to autism or erectile dysfunction.
Moreover, the abundance of art and performances featuring animal disguises, anthropomorphic animals, and sexual content, lead to many jokes about PETA and sexual fetishes.

"WHIPS & CHAINS BELONG IN THE BEDROOM, IN THE PETA Because apparently, you should respect animals, not women. ""shoe 000 @shoeOnhead PETA threatens us with a good time Imagine if you were the one being stuffed for Thanksgiving dinner. PETA 8:45 PM · Nov 26, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone 511 Retweets 39 Quote Tweets 5.7K Likes "

PETA Pet Euthanasias

Yet another subject of criticism towards PETA is the alleged hypocrisy of the organization regarding their own moral guidelines. Especially, it's well-known for taking pets into its shelters, before euthanazing many of them.

Cause Animale Nord Homeless Man Puppy Stealing

In 2015, French animal rights activist group Cause Animale Nord received heavy backlash after some of its members kidnapped a dog from a homeless man – in front of a witness who filmed the whole event -, and then put the dog for adoption on their Facebook page.

ItsAllZara Vegan Ice Cream Controversy

In 2018, a tweet by vegan blogger ItsAllZara, who claimed to have given money to a child so she could buy ice cream, led to backlash with fellow vegan activists, mainly Anthony Dagher.

Jill Biden Pushing Away Vegan Protesters

In 2020, during one of Joe Biden's political meetings, his wife Jill Biden pushed back a vegan activist who had just rushed on the stage. Following the release of a Washington Post article about this event, the expression Lunging Vegans became viral on Twitter.

"duncan westley @duncanwestley Jill Biden 1. Lunging Vegans 0. Dr. Jill Biden 8:03 AM Mar 4, 2020 from Santa Barbara, CA · Twitter for iPhone "

Joaquin Phoenix's Milk Speech

At the 2020 Academy Awards, Joaquim Phoenix received the "Best Actor in a Leading Role" award, and took this occasion, during his acceptance speech, to speak out against the consumption of milk. On social media, this was both celebrated by vegan activists and mocked by some other internauts.

"Dorothy Snarker @dorothysnarker When The Joker started talking about milk. #oscars 1 11:11 PM · Feb 9, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone "


In 2020, Burger King started a communication campaign under the hashtag #CowsMenu, to spread the word that their cows were fed a special grass diet to reduce their methane emissions. This led to backlash from the vegan community, with the argument that the cows shouldn't be farmed in the first place.

"in her home library cormorant @VeganRachel If you wanna take a "baby step" you order the Impossible Burger from the menu. Then you keep replacing meat until you're eating no more of it. You don't keep eating meat and patting yourself on the back pretending you're doing good lol. #cowsmenu @ellismontgomery · 3h Seeing a lot of people complain and saying "just stop eating meat!" but this is a step in the right direction in accepting and tackling a problem to try and make a positive change for the world. Baby steps are better than nothing. #CowsMenu twitter.com/BurgerKing/sta... 9:50 AM · Jul 14, 2020 · Twitter Web App "

External References

[1] Wikipedia – Veganism – Origins

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Humans are at an odd point right now. The meat industry has become more focused on the quantity of the meat that it can churn out because that's what's being demanded. Humans were a part of the ecosystem, but then they broke the carrying capacity, meaning to sustain a greater population they had to change the "ecosystem" themselves by domesticating food, The problem is it's hard to just inflate populations of anything in an ecosystem. Doing so would decimate the population of anything below it, which is why livestock are kept in the bare minimum conditions. It's effective.

Being vegan isn't a very good solution though. Meat is a very efficient way to get protein and nutrients that not many plants can provide. While there are plants that can be used as meat substitutes, not only are they so expensive they can't be offered to everyone, but growing the plants required to make substitute meats runs into the same problem as above. You have to fuck up an ecosystem to farm enough of them, which I don't doubt would be almost as, if not just as destructive as the meat industry.


what a lot of vegans don't realize that the reason people tend to dislike them is not because of their life-style. But because of their often arrogant and condescending nature. Now all vegans aren't like this. Its just the ones on the internet I've seen who tend to act like this.

I guess this is due to the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory. I've heard of few vegans behaving this way irl. But it mostly seems to be on the net.


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