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Spotify Wrapped refers to the annual, personalized and statistical compilation of a Spotify user's music listening history, released by the company every December. Ever since the company started the viral marketing campaign in 2016, it has consistently received meme attention across Twitter and Instagram most notably. Spotify displays the user's statistics to them in a streamlined and corporate-stylized fashion, giving them insights into what genres, artists, podcasts and playlists (etc.) define their personality. Spotify Wrapped parodies and Spotify Top Fans are two of the most notable meme trends based on it.


Spotify began experimenting with the idea of Wrapped in 2015 when they created, for the entire platform, "Year in Music," which included the combined statistics of all users to show the favorite artists and songs from that year. The next year, they instead created personalized statistics for every user, calling it "Wrapped," which was released around December 10th, 2016. In early December that year, users on a Spotify message board[1] first talked about "2016 Wrapped." Many of them, like the user Roadie, wondered if the feature was going to include personalized statistics. Additionally, on this messageboard, users also voiced concerns about not yet receiving their email link. Starting on December 10th, all Spotify users received their email link. This start date is evident in the first tweet ever posted about Spotify Wrapped on December 10th, 2016, by Twitter[2] user @AbiRakheja (shown below).

Abhishek Rakheja @AbiRakheja My Spotify Wrapped 2016 is a tale of two bands, @thelumineers and @coldplay, the two bands I got to see live this year. #Spotify2016 8:12 PM 路 Dec 10, 2016 路 Twitter for iPhone

Spotify Wrapped continued to see increased virality and attention as the company released it every year in early December. As evidence of this, in 2017, its second year of being released, Spotify Wrapped received more attention on Twitter than in 2016. Tweets[3] began surfacing after 2017 Wrapped was released to users on December 5th, 2017. Spotify added new features to Wrapped like the amount of time a user spent streaming music and quizzes for a user based on how well they know their own music taste.[4]

Spotify Wrapped was released every year following 2017 going into December 2021. Other notable features were added to Wrapped every year like what astrological signs people gravitated to most in 2018[5] and its Top Fans feature in 2020.

Online Reactions

In December 2016, people online weren't reacting strongly to the new Spotify Wrapped feature. Tweets mentioning "Spotify Wrapped" in December 2016[6] weren't as prominent as in December 2017.[7] Twitter users in 2016 mostly showed praise of the feature, like Twitter[8] user @ablabrenda, who tweeted, "My Spotify Wrapped playlist is probably the best representation of me out there," on December 15th, 2016.

In December 2017, a new reaction to Spotify Wrapped was percolating on Twitter of people being embarrassed by their music listening habits. The first Twitter user to make a joke about this was @oliviajadeburke,[9] who tweeted on the morning of December 5th, "well me spotify wrapped has truly outed me as an emo dunno how to feel" (shown below).

Ol ivia @oliviajadeburke well me spotify wrapped has truly outed me as an emo dunno how to feel 9:23 AM 路 Dec 5, 2017 路 Twitter for iPhone

Another common reaction to Spotify Wrapped that started in 2017 was the abundance of people posting their Wrappeds on their social media and how annoying it was, also, how the unveiling of their music taste affected the way their followers perceived them. The first Twitter user to make a joke about this conflict was @inkerley,[10] who tweeted, "I don't trust any of you fuckers sharing your Spotify Wrapped playlists. Anyone with that stable a sense of self is not trustworthy IMO," on December 5th, 2017. A more notable example (shown below) was also posted on December 5th later that night from Twitter[11] user @annetdonahue. It received 209 likes over the course of four years.

Anne T. Donahue @annetdonahue here i am avoiding your spotify wrapped posts

Twitter users also reacted in 2017 to the strange genre names that Spotify namedropped on them. The first internet user to make a joke about this was @anna_shetler,[12] whose tweet (shown below) received 16 likes when posted on December 5th, 2017.

Annamal Shelter ... @anna_shetler this spotify wrapped thing has got me fueked up with naming these "genres" I listen to. Like w-- are dwn trap and indie poptimism, idk but give me more 8:50 PM 路 Dec 5, 2017 路 Twitter for Android

This insistence on weird genre names continued to grow over the years. More notably in December 2021, Spotify users reacted to the genre Bubblegrunge appearing in their Wrappeds. For instance, Twitter[13] user @punkflop posted a tweet (shown below) that received 39 likes in one day.

emmy !:-) @punkflop spotify i am politely asking what is bubblegrunge My Top Genres POPRUNK INDIEPOR #1 Pop punk #2 Indie pop NUALMAN

Spotify Wrapped Parodies

In 2017, Spotify Wrapped Parodies emerged on Twitter as a result of the 2017 Wrapped infographic that users received at the end of their Wrappeds. Many internet users shared these condensed versions of their Wrappeds to Twitter, causing the infographic to become over-saturated across many platforms. The first meme creator to exploit this over-saturation was Twitter[14] user @papsby, who photoshopped Smash Mouth's 鈥淎ll Star鈥 into their Wrapped, changed their top genre to "Meme Rock" and also referenced notable 2017 music memes like Big Shaq's 鈥淢an's Not Hot.鈥 The meme (shown below) received 138 likes after being posted on December 5th, 2017.

well s--- My 2017 Wrapped I listened to Top Genre 69,420 Meme Rock Minutes of music SMASH MOUTH Top Artists Smash Mouth Evanescence Bag Raiders Big Shaq Toto ALL STA Top Songs All Star - Smash Mouth Bring Me To Life Evanescence Shooting Stars - Bag Raiders ANS NOT HOT - Big Shaq Africa - Toto

More people exploited their Wrapped infographics in the days that followed. For instance, 鈥淎frica鈥 by Toto was referenced in a meme on Reddit [15] and Crazy Frog was referenced in a meme posted to Funnyjunk [16] (both shown below).

4 h Great year! Spotify In 2017, you listened for 311,687 minutes, to 1 different song and 1 different artist. Along the way, you explored 1 genre. ARICA 1610 My 2017 Wrapped In 2017, you literally only listened to Crazy Frog. Serlously. Only Crazy Frog At times, you consistently played Crazy Frog for days How did you do that? Were you sleeping? We're banning your account for 2018. 2017 Wacped com

Spotify Top Fans

In 2020, Spotify Wrapped incorporated a new statistic for its users, Top Fans. The feature allowed users to see who they were in the top 2 percent, 1 percent or even 0.2 percent of their most-streamed artists. The first meme creator to exploit this infographic was Twitter[17] user @rubyinnes who photoshopped an image of pregnant Sonic the Hedgehog as her most-streamed artist. The tweet (shown below) received 121 likes over the course of one year.

ruby innes! @rubyinnes yeah i like REAL alternative music You're one of Pregnant Sonic 's top fans worldwide You're one of their top 1 % fans. Hit Play on their radio and we'll provide an endless stream of their music. PLAY RADIO

X Wrapped

As early as 2017, internet users began using the phrasal template "X Wrapped" to describe other things that could have a yearly, statistical wrap-up. The first internet user to make a joke in this vein was Twitter[18] user @MandolinReyne who posted a tweet on December 7th, 2017, imagining a Wrapped that, "tracked our most used words or phrases of 2017." Her tweet (shown below) received 19 likes.

Mandolin @MandolinReyne What if, like Spotify Wrapped, we had something that tracked our most used words or phrases of 2017. Mine would probably be "dead," "existential crisis," and "I'm hungry." 11:56 AM 路 Dec 7, 2017 from Oklahoma City, OK 路 Twitter for iPhone

The most well-known example of this phrasal template is the idea of a "Pornhub Wrapped." This concept was first uttered by Spanish-speaking Twitter[19] user @apfeltini whose tweet (shown below, top) received six likes after being posted on December 8th, 2017. Twitter[20] user @Matt_Scribble posted a parallel tweet three days later (shown below, bottom) that received three likes after being posted.

Clels ... @apfeltini Todo el mundo compartiendo su Spotify Wrapped pero a m铆 me gustar铆a es ver su YouPorn/xHamster/Pornhub wrapped de este a帽o Translated from Spanish by Google Everyone sharing their Spotify Wrapped but I would like to see your YouPorn / xHamster / Pornhub wrapped this year 9:22 AM 路 Dec 8, 2017 路 Twitter for Android The Yassification of Krampus ... @Matt_Scribble Where's my Pornhub wrapped? I wanna know which things I made irretrievable parts of my psyche this year. 4:43 PM 路 Dec 11, 2017 from Manhattan, NY 路 Twitter for iPhone

Pornhub Wrapped continued to be used as a concept going into 2021,[21] inspiring "Top Artist Parodies" like the one shown below, tweeted by Twitter[22] user @osomabinsnappin on December 1st, 2021.

Your top artist was Sara Jay You were in the top 0.1% of their watchers this year.

Spotify Users vs Apple Music Users

Another prominent meme concept that arose from Spotify Wrapped discourse was the comparison between Apple Music users and Spotify users with Spotify users getting a Wrapped and Apple Music users not getting one. The first internet user to make a joke about this difference was Twitter[23] user @_alexmontgomery who posted a tweet on December 8th, 2017, about Apple Music users feeling left out (shown below).

Alex Montgomery ... @_alexmontgomery Apple Music needs to do something like that Spotify wrapped thing keep seeing people posting about their year and I feel left out 1:33 AM 路 Dec 8, 2017 路 Twitter for iPhone

In December 2021, this dichotomy was joked about further. For instance, Twitter[24] user @notorious_KRG posted a meme on December 1st, 2021, that used the Two Guys On A Bus format (shown below). The tweet received roughly 5,900 likes in one day.

However, Apple Music did unveil its "Replay" feature in 2021,[25] which is a parallel version of Spotify Wrapped.

Spotify Wrapped 2022

On November 30th, 2022, Spotify users were given their personalized 2022 Wrapped in the Spotify app. On the day of, multiple Twitter users and meme creators across social media platforms started photoshopping their Spotify Wrapped results, inserting different songs, artists, concepts, settings and scenarios into the text of their infographics.

For instance, on November 30th, Twitter[26] user airbagged exploited the new "Your morning started with" section by replacing the text with masturbation signifiers, gaining roughly 77,700 likes in one day (shown below, left). Also on November 30th, Twitter[27] user casseroleboy exploited the text to make fun of the January 6th, 2021, Storming of the U.S. Capitol Building, earning roughly 243,400 likes in one day (shown below, right).

kate bush's husband @airbagged What the f--- Spotify??? potify Your morning started with Wanting To J------- 11:58 AM Nov 30, 2022 You seized the day with Jacking Off You embraced the night Jacking Off Until Passing Out : uh oh levi @casseroleboy On January 6, something magical happened. 10:39 AM Nov 30, 2022 鈼

Unlike previous years, multiple Spotify Wrapped video memes were posted to Twitter that exploited the stylized video graphics. For instance, on November 30th, 2022, Twitter[28] user grumpy_twink showed a screen-recording of their "Top Song" result, revealing that the song was "Mice Repel" by Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, earning roughly 2.2 million views and 167,300 likes in one day (shown below). It is also likely that Twitter user grumpy_twink's "Top Song" was in fact "Mice Repel" by Ultrasonic Pest Repeller due to an inferred mice infestation problem.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 Meme Templates

Top Artists #1 : #2 #3 #4 #5 Top Songs #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 My Minutes Listened Top Genre Spotify 2021 SPOTIFY.COM/WRAPPED Top Artists #1 : #2 #3 #4 #5 Top Songs #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 My Minutes Listened Top Genre Spotify 2021 SPOTIFY.COM/WRAPPED Top Artists #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Top Songs #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 My Minutes Listened Top Genre Spotify 2021 SPOTIFY.COM/WRAPPED TOP ARTISTS 1 2 3 4 5 TOP SONGS Spotify 12345 MINUTES LISTENED TOP GENRE #2020WRAPPED You spent 525,600 minutes this year & Spotify X Spotify You seized the day with 路 X Spotify Your morning started with 1D X > Spotify L X Spotify P 20,067 times this year x Your Top Songs #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 You spent minutes playing

Spotify Wrapped 2023 and Burlington

In the 2023 edition of Spotify Wrapped, Spotify told users where geographically their tastes most closely aligned. Many users, specifically listeners of indie rock and other guitar-based artists, were surprised to discover that they were pegged to Burlington, Vermont, leading to jokes about the city and the type of people who apparently reside there.

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